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School of Yoga

Santodanta: one who is calm & self-controlled

pre-certification training

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Prepare for the journey ahead.

200 Hr yoga teacher training

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Hybrid: Online &


200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Begins June 2024

500 Hour
Yoga Teacher Training

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Retreats & 

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Continuing Studies for RYTs. 

TBD. Coming Soon.

Empowering the world through a

Journey with Yoga


Why choose Santodanta School of Yoga?

Welcome to the Santodanta School of Yoga, a harmonious blend of diverse yoga paths leading to holistic transformation. Our training anchors on yoga's core: Asanas (posture art), Pranayamas (breath science), and Meditation (inner stillness portal). We go beyond the mat, integrating yoga into every life aspect, radiating energy. For driven yoga enthusiasts, we offer a deep-dive journey to master advanced asanas, deep meditation, and a spirit of service. Our Signature Santodanta Yoga Flow becomes more than a practice—it's a lifestyle. Join us, and be part of a community where ancient wisdom meets daily life.

2024 Hybrid Training (Virtual & In-Person)

January 8th, 2024 - October 27th, 2024
Virtual & In-Person Class Schedule
Mondays - 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm
Wednesdays - 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm
Saturdays - 9:00 am to 10:00 am
Cost for Yoga Teacher Training
$500 deposit + (10x monthly payments of $225.00)
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From Our Graduates

click image for graduate's reflection

"This is by far one of the most meaningful pieces of paper that I've ever received. To some, it may signify an academic or professional accomplishment, and that's understandable. However, it represents something completely different to me. For the first time ever, I was open to experience what it's like to feel safe in my own body. I'm not only talking about physically either; safety was also cultivated mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. As a Black man in America, that's something I'll be forever grateful for as I continue deepening my practices of yoga, breathwork, and meditation. To anyone out there who's considering this as a potential pathway to internal healing, please give yourself permission to explore the endless possibilities. I'll never be the same person because I'm finally content with simply being myself. There's no amount of money, status, or worldly possessions that can match this depth of awareness and appreciation. Namaste 🙏 -Julius

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  • Presence of Master Trainer, Changa Bell

  • Diverse community

  • Signature Santodanta Yoga Flow

  • LifeForce Development Self-Assesments

  • On/Off campus retreats

  • Graduation Ceremony

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Certified by Ministry of AYUSH, Govt. of India and registered in the Yoga Alliance.

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